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February 18 2017

Making A North American Indian Flute

If you’re a woodworking enthusiast, making a Native American flute can be a challenging and rewarding project. The video here shows Chuck Pavey working on one of several hundred North American Indian flutes he’s hand-crafted over the last few years. His attention to detail and love of the instrument is quite inspiring!

north american indian flute

The original video can be viewed on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0fhaRZjfQA

More about North American Indian flute videos on YouTube here

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February 16 2017

Tonsil Stones Causes And Symptoms

Those with tonsil stones already know the most pervasive symptom of these calcified accumulations of dead bacteria in the tonsillar crypts: horrible bad breath. But what causes the stones? The following YouTube video gives an overview of the role played by a strep infection in early childhood that then causes tonsil stones to appear many years later.

tonsil stones causes

What to do about the horrible bad breath? This video explains more about that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4DZCbqWgJc

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Nice catch!

December 26 2016

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Most heroes of progression are never mentioned in history books.

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Driving home for Christmas.

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Nothing compares to staying up all night, watching the stars twinkle overhead. Derek Culver captured this amazing pic at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington. The lights on the mountain: A few climbers getting an early start to the summit under the Milky Way.  Photo courtesy of Derek Culver.

June 11 2015

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the answer to why Dawn’s hair is green (though this raises more questions than it answered)

there’s been a slight hiccup with Lovely Peril, please bear with me, thanks for the patience

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Revised Relationship

Coming Soon.

Picarto.tv - Lemonfont's Channel

Bit of a late night stream, For maybe 2 hours.

June 10 2015

Control Players vs Chaos Decks






Oh, I’m the guys throwing confetti.

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Joseph is holding only three train tickets….


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June 09 2015

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I’m getting sick just thinking about it

be there or be square

with special guest nougats (and maybe more??) who will be running with me a prototype of WONGCAST

there’s a prettier version
hop in the wongstream and watch us draw and dunk on hentai

Do it for wong

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srsly tho, thx muchly.

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Picarto.tv - Lemonfont's Channel


Early morning stream.

June 08 2015

Picarto.tv - Lemonfont's Channel


Late night stream

Lemonfont's Channel on Picarto.tv


10:00 BST - 14:00 BST

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